Patients will be exponentially safer and more satisfied.

Benefits for Stake Holders

Stakeholder Group Benefit


More Fun: 80% of patients described having a procedure as “enjoyable”.

Less Anxiety: Anxiety is reduced for most patients.

Less Pain: For patients with a known anxiety disorder, the pain of injection is reduced.


Specialists and surgeons to protect their patients, save money and avoid inefficient hospital environments.

Hospitals and Ambulatory
surgical centers

Minimize litigation risk

Maximize patient satisfaction and safety

Reduce costs associated with anesthesia

Limit over providing services.

Other Caretakers
(nursing homes, etc.)

Minimize risk, lower costs, higher level of patient care

Higher patient/ family satisfaction.

CMS-Center for Medicare and Medicaid (www.cms.hhs.gov)

Reduced costs for common surgical procedures of beneficiaries

Insurance Companies

Reduced costs for common surgical procedures of beneficiaries

Monthly Recurring Revenue Model

WideAwakeVR will focus entirely on the development of a premium surgical solution with monthly recurring revenue from leasing the top-rated hardware, subscribing to ONLY evidence-based software platform and curating the best in class content.

Premium Package - Hardware

  • VR System – Headsets & Earphones w/ Controllers
  • Surgical System – Monitor, Microphone, Tablet, and mobile, work station
  • Peripheral System – Consumer version of VR headset for pre-op demonstration purposes
  • WiFi Range Extender/ Booster

Premium Package - Software

  • VR Content Platform – Content Selection & Streaming Service
  • Proprietary Content Curation System – Matching perfect content for the procedure and patient
  • Provider Communication Platform- Allows surgeons to speak directly to patients w/o program disruption
  • Pre-op introduction and education program for patients
  • Training and Implementation program for surgeons and staff

Pricing Justification

Facility cost shifting from the Hospital to the Doctor’s office is a massive savings. Local anesthesia versus general anesthesia is a major savings. Combined with patient satisfaction and lower avoidable complications, the health plans will subsidize and/or incentivize this program.

  • Our monthly fees (equipment lease and SaaS license) are $1,000 less than the per procedure savings that the health plan will enjoy.
  • The average hand and wrist surgeon completes 28-30 of these procedures per month on the low end. After the first procedure every month, it’s pure profit for the health plan.
  • Annual Health Plan Savings Estimate - $126 Million Saved Per 100 Surgeons for hand and wrist surgeries alone.
  • Dominant market payers have responded affirmatively reimbursing the utilization of the WideAwakeVR system and providing WAVR surgeons with both an education subsidy and per procedure facility fee bonus

Everyone Wins With WAVR

Patients will be exponentially safer and more satisfied