Imagine a better, safer, less costly, more sustainable surgical experience.

WAVR is Wide Awake Virtual Reality.

WAVR is a better and safer way for people to experience surgical procedures without the need for general anesthesia. When patients use VR to mitigate against anxiety, surgeons can use local anesthetic in the comfort and safety of their offices.

What is WALANT?

WALANT is Wide Awake Local Anesthetic No Tourniquet surgery. Researched and popularized by Dr. Donald Lalonde over twenty years of successful outcomes, the technique is now practiced regularly in hand, wrist, and minor surgeries all over the world.

Growing Problem with Overdose of Anesthesia

Anesthesia is over-utilized for surgeries that could be achieved under local anesthetic: WAVR will disrupt this expensive and dangerous practice by enabling awake surgery using Virtual Reality.

WAVR is Safer.
The Evidence for VR.

Studies: A superficial infection rate of 0.4% and a deep infection rate of 0% following Carpal Tunnel Release (CTR) using field sterility confirm the low incidence of postoperative wound infection using field sterility. This supports the safety and low incidence of postoperative wound infection in CTR using minor procedure field sterility without prophylactic antibiotics.

The WAVR Team is Built for Success.

"Our market disruptive product will deliver a 21st century fusion of state-of-the-art VR technology and safer, less expensive, simplified procedures into the doctor’s office and surgical centers." - David Wheeler, WAVR Co-Founder